Welcome to the home for LaMancha Bengals

We are a small Hobby Cattery located in the High Desert of beautiful Southern California.  Where we have been breeding, and showing our Bengals for many years.

Back in 2005 while my husband was on a business trip, I bought our first Bengal, a beautiful Seal Mink female.  I didn’t tell my husband until he got home, and he was, to put it mildly shocked.  Not knowing too much about Bengal’s we decided to go to a local Cat Show in Arcadia. Ca.  That was our first introduction to cat shows, and some very wonderful bengal breeders, who were more than happy to share their knowledge of the breed with us.  The following month we went back to Arcadia and talked to a couple named Don & Lydia Wright from TheRealms Bengals, during our conversation, Bill realized he knew Don from a Company they had both worked for several years earlier, we have since become very close friends, and they are our Mentors.

We started showing our Bengal and titled her to a Quad Grand Champion.  The Bengal Cats have changed our lives in such a positive way, we have met so many wonderful people through our cats, and cat shows.  We look forward to cat shows, and being with our “cat” friends, our Bengals are an exciting part of our lives.

Our cats are all tested for HCM, PRA and PK Deficiency.  Our kittens are raised with children, dogs and of course other cats and kittens.  When we send them home they have a written health check from our Veterinarian, as well as all age appropriate shots.  We want the transition to their new to be a pleasant experience.

The Bengal is a domestic cat bred to resemble the exotic Asian Leopard Cats.  The most popular color of the Bengal Breed is Brown Spotted, but Bengals also come in other colors such as Seal Lynx Point, Sepia, Mink and Silver.  Everyone we have introduced our cats to are amazed at the exotic look of the cat.  After all these years of breeding the Bengal’s I still am amazed at the beauty of this breed.


Bill and Norma